Wipro Fires 452 Freshers Over Poor Performance During Internal Test 

During the time of both hiring and firing, Wipro, a major IT company, dismissed a large number of employees on Friday. Notably, all the employees who have been terminated by the IT company are recent hires. According to a report by Business Today, Wipro has laid off these employees due to their poor performance in an internal examination.

It was discovered that more than 452 new employees were let go after an internal test. The termination letter stated that the employees were responsible for paying the Rs 75,000 that the company invested in training them, but the company has decided to not enforce it.

The termination letter stated, “We would like to inform you that the training cost of Rs 75,000, which you are responsible for paying, will be waived.”

In January 2023, Wipro reported its Q3 FY23 results and recorded a 2.8% year-over-year increase in net profit at Rs 3,052.90 crore compared to Rs 2,969 crore in the same quarter the previous year.

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According to the report, Wipro identified the poor performance of new hires after an internal examination was carried out by the IT firm. After dismissing the employees, the IT company sent a termination letter, which Business Today was able to access.

The company stated to the news outlet that “At Wipro, we take pride in maintaining the highest standards. In line with the standards we strive to achieve, we expect every new employee to have a specific level of expertise in their designated field of work. The evaluation process includes assessments to align employees with the business objectives of the organization and the requirements of our clients. This systematic and comprehensive performance evaluation process initiates a series of actions such as mentoring and retraining, and in some instances, the separation of certain employees from the company.”

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