Unlock Your Creativity with These 5 Free AI-Powered Web Design Tools

The shortage of skilled web designers and developers has been a persistent problem for a long time and is showing no signs of improvement.

The demand for these professionals is rising as more businesses seek to hire them, leading to a shortage of available resources. This has led to a growing popularity of AI-powered tools for website design and development, particularly those that streamline the process.

There are various AI tools available for building websites from scratch, but not all are equal. Here’s a brief look at five different types:

1. Framer: AI-Based Tool That Blends Web Design And Development

Framer is a tool for web design and development that focuses on designing, prototyping, and coding.

It enables you to create engaging prototypes, including animated transitions between screens, without the need for coding. This makes it an ideal solution for designers who want to easily create attractive interactions on their websites.

However, the cost may be a drawback for freelance designers or small businesses, making it more suitable for well-funded larger companies.

To learn about the free plan and pricing options, click here.

2. Craft: Free AI Tool For Web And App Prototyping (From InVision)

Craft is a prototyping tool developed by InVision. It’s one of the most widely used tools for web and app prototyping, allowing you to build interactive user interfaces without any coding skills.

You simply use your mouse to drag and drop elements. This makes it ideal for web designers who want to quickly move from concept to implementation without having to learn programming.

Additionally, it enables designers to test their ideas without the need for expensive design and build cycles, which can be especially beneficial for startups or small businesses with limited resources.

The free plan is suitable for individuals who want to create a few prototypes before deciding if it’s worth investing any money.

To learn about the free plan and pricing options, click here.

3. Uizard.Io: Free AI-Based Web Design Tool

Uizard.io is an ideal solution for web designers who want to efficiently convert their designs into responsive websites without spending extensive time doing so.

It’s also well-suited for companies with limited budgets and little web development resources who still require a fast and simple solution. You can simply draw your design on a piece of paper, take a picture, and upload it to Uizard.io, which will construct the website for you within minutes, without any coding.

Uizard offers a free plan for small businesses and startups, while the paid plans begin at $12 per month and include unlimited websites. You can find more information by visiting the Uizard website.

4. Umso: AI-Powered Website Builder For Startups

Umso is an AI-powered website builder aimed at startups and small businesses. The AI technology generates various versions of a homepage or landing page based on user preferences and tracking information, and then selects the best option for each user.

This makes Umso an ideal option for entrepreneurs with limited budgets who are seeking an affordable and easy-to-use website builder without incurring significant upfront costs for design work.

Additionally, it does not require any coding knowledge, making it perfect for those looking to quickly launch their website. To learn more about Umso, click here.

Umso offers a free plan suitable for startups or small businesses with limited budgets, providing unlimited websites and basic features such as e-commerce and lead generation capabilities (forms).

5. Sketch2Code: Free AI Tool To Convert Prototypes Into Real Websites

Sketch2Code is an AI tool that transforms static prototypes into functional websites. It is ideal for web developers and designers who have interactive web or app projects that they want to bring to life without the need for programming, which can save them time.

Sketch2Code is a web-based application created by Microsoft AI and converts your static designs into code automatically by simply uploading them.

However, it should be noted that the prototype must be created using either Sketch or Figma for Sketch2Code to work. The free plan restricts users to only one project at a time. To find out more information, visit the Microsoft AI website.

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