Software Engineer at Quantive (formerly Gtmhub)

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About the Company:

We believe that everyone deserves to work in an environment where there is consistent alignment between mission and activity; where transparency breeds trust; where accountability reigns; and where focus results in positive outcomes. That’s why we have built the world’s best business orchestration platform, powered by the proven OKR methodology, so our clients (and we!) can achieve the missions that matter.

We are honored to support over 500,000 users across 75 countries and 1,000+ organizations including Red Hat, Adobe, Societe Generale, and TomTom. We’ve raised over $160 million in funding, including our most recent Series C led by Index Ventures.


Software Engineer 

Batch Eligible :

2022, 2023



  • Good knowledge and experience in writing scripts in Python.
  • Good knowledge of the Scrapy framework and web scraping
  • Good knowledge of Beautiful Soup (Python library) and basic html elements and techniques used while scraping.
  • Have a good grasp of querying in NoSQL databases like MongoDB or Elasticsearch.
  • Basic experience and knowledge of creating REST APIs using Flask or Fast API
  • Basic knowledge of ML and Deep learning
  • A good grasp on the basic concepts of anyone git tool like Gitlab/Github


  • Own, manage and take an active part in monitoring the big data pipeline that collects more than 100M items daily for the Greendeck platform
  • Use tools like Celery to create distributed data-crunching systems
  • Use tools like Airflow to schedule and automate processes
  • Work closely with Greendeck’s ML team to create ML/DL pipelines
  • Create REST APIs to supplement the Greendeck platform
  • Writing queries and scripts to automate various components of the data pipeline
  • Participate in incident resolution on weekends if such need arises.


Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India

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