Software Developer Intern at Crio.Do | Batch 2023, 2022

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About the Company:

Crio’s unique platform enables developers to go through “work-like” Micro-Experiences that give a taste of a real world problem with curated scenarios optimized for learnin, while at the same time enabling tech orgs to discover and nurture great talent. Crio is all about delivering the best possible curriculum in-line with its learning pedagogy (Learn by Doing), combined with great user experience. We have seen this work time and again with learners bearing testimony.


Software Developer Intern

Batch Eligible :

2023, 2022


₹ 45K-50K/Month

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  • First 2 quarters – take scoped projects/features and execute on them
  • Post that, take open ended problem statements, do the necessary design exploration, plan your execution line items and own the e2e launch
  • Problem first, tech-next approach to problem solving
  • Understand problems deeply and build simple yet beautiful solutions
  • Write unit-tests to ensure the feature you build don’t break => Less maintenance
  • Write scripts to avoid manual work
  • Work with cross-team stakeholders independently


  • 7+ projects in GitHub with at least 3 solid projects
  • Solid Debugging skills
  • Solid foundation in computer science with strong competency in data structures, algorithms and software design
  • Previous internship experience in smaller companies/startups a plus
  • Demonstrated high levels of ownership (professional or personal)
  • Java or Python expertise. Experience with other languages is a plus
  • Experience with Spring Boot and Spring Framework is a plus
  • Good knowledge of one or more relational and NoSQL databases and transactions


Bangalore, India

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