We are launching our first live training program DsaFreaks PS-1. PS stands for “Problem Solvers”.

Hurry up!! Only 50 seats available. This will be first come, first serve process. Enroll as soon as possible so you don’t miss this opportunity!!

About the Mentor:

  • My name is Rishabh Panchal
  • 5* (2065) Rated on Codechef
  • 2063(Top 2%) Rated on Leetcode, Solved 1000+ problems on Leetcode
  • Solved 2000+ Problems on different programming platforms such as Leetcode, Codeforces, Codechef etc.
  • Secured 650/13000+ in recent Google Kickstart Round G
  • ICPC Regionalist 2021
  • Secured 277/90000+ participants in Recent IICC Coding Championship (Finalist)
  • Checkout LinkedIn Profile
About the Program :
  • This program is absolutely beginner friendly. We will cover everything from basics to advanced.
  • This is going to be end to end training where we will be covering up all the topics related to DSA.
  • We will be solving more than 500+ problems during this program.
  • We will make you to participate in each and every contest on Codechef, Codeforces and Leetcode. So that you will not only be ready for interviews but you will be fully prepared to tackle hard problems of OAs.
  • Live Up-solving session will be conducted after each and every contest so we can learn everything from that contest. “It is useless to give contest if you are not learning anything from that contest.”
  • Live 1 on 1 progress monitoring of every student
  • Personalized Web dev Guidance and roadmap will be given to every student apart from DSA+CP training.
  • Recordings of all DSA + CP lectures will be provided.
  • Guidance and resources will be provided for projects so that you can be fully prepared for any company.
  • Duration of the program is 6 months
  • A separate community will be created, where everybody will learn and grow together. You can also ask your doubts there, whoever will solve highest number of doubts, he/she will be rewarded at the end of each month.
  • Separate session will be provided for different platform’s profile reviewing so that you can improve in topics in which you are lacking

Duration : 6 Months

Start Date : 16 Feb, 2023

Timing : Monday to Friday, 8PM – 10 PM

Language : Hindi

Pre-requisite : Basic C++ or Java Language

Cost of Program:
  1. The very first thing we need is we want you to work really hard. “We want you to set goals instead of dreams”.
  2. In order to make you work really hard for your GOALS we charge only ₹ 499/- per month for the next 6 months.

DSA Topics that will be covered:

  1. STL library and Java Collections
  2. Patterns
  3. Arrays
  4. 2D Arrays
  5. Strings
  6. Time & Space Complexity
  7. Binary Search
  8. Recursion and Backtracking
  9. Divide & Conquer
  10. Sorting Algorithms
  11. Stacks and Queues
  12. Heaps/Priority Queues
  13. Linked Lists
  14. Binary Trees
  15. Binary Search Trees
  16. Sliding Window and Two pointer Techniques
  17. Hashing
  18. Bit Manipulation
  19. Greedy Algorithms
  20. Dynamic Programming
  21. Graphs
  22. Tries
  23. Segment Trees
Are you ready to go on this journey of becoming a great programmer?

If yes, then what are you waiting for, ENROLL NOW!!

Course fee is Rs. 499 per month only!

Instructions to enroll:

If you want to enroll or have more queries regarding the PS-1 Program then you can message in on 9352647179 on whatsapp with the below details:

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“Finally, Be ready to be part of this journey of becoming a great programmer!!”