This course is the phase 0 of complete DSA Series. This is made for people who want to start with programming. This is absolutely free in a well-organized and structured manner.

There might be a lot of existing courses in the market, but this is better in terms of structure, and the number of questions we will be doing. We just don’t teach the basics, we cover all the varieties, and we go in super depth for each topic, so that you are well prepared for any of your interviews.

By The end of this phase 0 you will be comfortable in basics of programming. You will be able to implement basic logical programs in Java, C++ or Python.

Pre-requisite :

If you know how to turn on your computer or laptop and you know how to open your browser. You are on a great position to start with this course.

* It is highly recommended to try all the problems by yourself for at least 5-10 mins. 
* If you unable to solve then see the editorial and try to understand the approach by yourself.
* After seeing editorial, don't just copy paste the code, try to code it again by yourself!
Happy Coding :)

Let’s get start with a great journey towards problem solving –

If you want to contribute an article(Original) on any of the below topic/problem. It’ll will be really helpful for the students. You can contact us at [email protected]

STEP 1 : Learn C++/Java/Python or any Programming Language

STEP 2 : Basic Patterns

STEP 3 : Basic logical problems

STEP 4 : Basic Array Problems

STEP 5 : Basic String Problems

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