5 Steps to Make You Fall in Love with DSA!!

After this, you don’t need to go anywhere for roadmap and you should not, if you really want to learn and don’t want to waste your time.

Step 1:

  • Learn any language, recommended is C++ and Java.
  • solve 40-50 basic implementation and constructive problems.

Step 2:

  • Learn theoretical concepts – means learn all types of data structure and what they do and their implementation details. 
  • As you study them in your academic syllabus as well.
  • Solve 40-50 basic array and string based problems.

Step 3: 

  • Start solving any beginner friendly DSA sheet 
  • This will help you to build your foundation of all the important algorithms.
  • Make notes of every concept you learn and revisit all the problem on weekly basis. 
  • Revising will help you to remember the concept quickly in newer problems

Step 4: 

  • Meanwhile give as many contests as possible on Codeforces, Codechef, Hackerrank, Leetcode etc., 
  • Up-solve next 2-3 problems after each contest.

Step 5:

  • In the end just solve a lot of random problems and give contests regularly

Bonus : This was all about DSA, don’t forget to learn any development skill and core subjects.

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